There’s A New Flavor Of Oreo In Stores Today

If you consider yourself an Oreo fan, or ahem, fanatic, we've got some exciting news. Remember back in September when Oreo confirmed that its next limited-time flavor would be Cinnamon Bun? Well, the wait is finally over, and you can find the new breakfast-treat-inspired flavor in stores today. The cookies feature cinnamon-flavored outer layers and a cinnamon-bun-flavored creme. We got an early taste of the cookies, and as far as dessert-themed Oreos go, these might taste the most like their real dessert counterpart than any we've tried so far. The outer cookies are reminiscent of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, while the creme truly does taste like a thicker, creamier version of cinnamon roll icing.
But that's not all. The brand is also bringing back an old favorite. Red Velvet Oreos are making a triumphant (just guessing) return to store shelves this week. Not only were the cookies extremely popular, but Valentine's Day is coming up, which means it's pretty much perfect timing to eat a red cookie. With these latest launches, Oreo is also debuting what it has dubbed The Wonder Vault. This is apparently where all of the kooky new flavors we are introduced to every few months come from. The vault will also re-release old favorites (like Red Velvet) from time to time. Check out Oreo's advertisement for the Wonder Vault below.

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