Your Bagel Game Just Got Upgraded Thanks To This Pumpkin Spice Butter

Everyone knows that pumpkin spice lattes reign supreme in autumn, but what of the other parts of your breakfast — like, say, a morning bagel? The food industry has a solution to sprinkling fall onto every aspect of your meal — or, rather, spreading it on – via pumpkin pie spice butter.
As reported by Food & Wine, this butter comes from Land O' Lakes. If you're already a loyal PSL lover, it sounds pretty damn tasty. After all, it's not like you're spreading canned pumpkin on your bagel (which, FYI, actually can be a great alternative to oil and butter in certain recipes); you're spreading something that has the heavenly taste of what is typically tastes of cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves.
It's like you're eating the essence of a Thanksgiving meal, without having to sit down and talk with relatives for three hours. What could be better?
The invention of this butter is making me consider how I could upgrade all of my meals to make them more autumn-inspired. Breakfast is easy (bagels, muffins, scones) but dinner can also be elevated. Pumpkin ravioli with a little bit of this pumpkin butter spread in the mix sounds delicious.
Of course, not everything pumpkin spice is worth chowing down on. I, personally, could skip pumpkin spice cough drops, kale chips, and pumpkin pie-flavored vodka. (However, if you want to hook me up with some $10 Hallowine, I am so here for it.)
Basically, I'm going to need this Land O' Lakes butter in my fridge yesterday. Fall may not yet be here, but I'm already craving this butter all over my bagel.
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