Angelina Jolie Worked Out Her Maleficent Voice During Bath Time

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.
How did Angelina Jolie perfect her terrifying impression of Maleficent? Why, she practiced on her children! The First They Killed My Father director said during a panel at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend that she discovered the perfect voice for the character during bath time, as People reports.
“The accent and everything about her was discovered when I was giving my kids baths," she explained. "I think I tried 17 different things on them. They would say, 'What are you doing? Mom, stop talking so weird.'"
Jolie's voice in Maleficent (2014) is an upturned British lilt, one that wouldn't be so creepy if it weren't so high-pitched. Jolie says she tried out more than 17 voices, and when she did the winning voice, her kids "fell over laughing."
People points out that Jolie will return to the role for a planned sequel, which has yet to receive a release date. The sequel is a return to acting for Jolie, something she recently expressed the desire to do. (For the past few years, Jolie has focussed mainly on directing.)
"Right now, I don't have anything to direct that I feel passionate about like [First They Killed My Father], so I'll do some acting," Jolie told The Hollywood Reporter in September. At the time, she said a sequel to Maleficent would be "most likely." She also said she's looking at a script for a movie about Cleopatra, but remained noncommittal.
"There's a lot of different things floating around," she said. "But I haven't committed."
The good news is, when Jolie commits, she commits. If she signs onto a Cleopatra movie, her kids can expect a whole new bath time routine.
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