This Mean Girls Star Didn't Recognize Lindsay Lohan

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Long time, no see. That's exactly what happened to actor Jonathan Bennett, aka Mean Girls' resident lovable, clueless jock, Aaron Samuels.
According to TooFab, after an interviewer showed Bennett a snapshot of Lindsay Lohan circa right now, he didn't recognize her.
Bennett was discussing the possibility of a Mean Girls sequel. Since the film is heading to the Broadway stage, the seminal teen flick is back in the minds of everyone that remembers the Plastics, the sexually active band geeks, and cool Asians. Bennett said that he'd be 100% down with another turn with the cast and that their current ages could make for some pretty great plot possibilities.
"The reason this movie did so well is because of the fans and I feel like they want it so badly that I would love to do a sequel with everyone, especially with Lindsay. You know, I'd love to work with Lindsay on something soon," Bennett told TooFab.
That's how the topic of Lohan came up. Next, the interviewer showed Bennett a photo of Lohan. Instead of sharing a gushy story about how close they still are and how they're super best friends, Bennett offered up a puzzled expression and said, "That's not Lindsay."
The interviewer insisted it was, but Bennett grabbed the photo — which was in a faux Burn Book, of course — to take a closer look. He couldn't believe it, but when he realized that it was indeed his costar, he pivoted. Hard.
"Linds, lookin' good," he said. To really drive the point home, he piled on the compliments, telling her "good job" and saying that he was proud of her: "Really coming together, Linds. Really coming together. Good job."
While he may have protested too much, the sentiment seemed to be genuine. Bennett added that he's still very close to costar Lacey Chabert, but hasn't seen Amanda Seyfried in over a decade. And while fans now know that he definitely hasn't kept in touch with Lohan, he admitted that Rachel McAdams, the legendary Regina George herself, has "the softest lips I have ever kissed in my life to this date."
Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for that sequel so awkward moments like this don't have to happen again.
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