The Weirdness Of Nicki Minaj Tweeting John Mayer Has Fans Bugging Out

When internet collaborations unfold on social media, fans usually react with excitement. John Mayer and Nicki Minaj may have something going on, or at least that's what they let us think when they tweeted to each other this week.
It all started when John tweeted this out on Friday:
No one thought much about it, until a few hours later Nicki Minaj responded, asking "Would my body be your wonderland?"
Cue our confusion.
Mayer has been with many famous women, including Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift. But this flirtation with Nicki Minaj comes across as a bit of a mismatch. The two may both have experience in the entertainment world, but they have expressed different stances on social issues, including racism.
There was a mix of support and apprehension from fans, many of whom responded with confusion about why this weirdness was even happening. A few reactions, in particular, stood out, especially that from writer Ira Madison III, whose response is probably the best:
His tweet is referring to an interview that Mayer did with Playboy back in 2010 when he said that he doesn't "open himself up to it" when asked if Black women "threw themselves at him." When interviewed about it in a New York Times article, he said he "has nightmares" about that happening again and expressed his intentions to not culturally appropriate or, well, generally be a racist again.
Ira wasn't the only person that hasn't forgotten, and doubt that he's grown much from the exchange:
Others responded with equal snark:
Whether you're all for this or if you believe that Mayer hasn't learned much from the Playboy interview, we will all be watching to see how this unfolds. If her track record in continues, Nicki probably won't be shy about calling Mayer out, should he deserve it. Regardless, this could be the beginning of a musical collab or something more, there's no doubt that the two make for an... interesting duo.
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