Like Most Girls, Taylor Swift Wants To Distance Herself From John Mayer

rexusa_609019byPhoto: Greg Allen/Rex USA.
Everybody chill. Taylor Swift and John Mayer are never, ever getting back together. At least not anytime soon.
Yesterday, TMZ got everyone in panic mode by reporting that Swift and her ex Mayer were both hanging out at the Chateau Marmont. The two took separate cars and "didn't exchange a single word," but the double-sighting was enough to stir up fear that Tay was back in Mayer's nefarious clutches. The TMZ hed says it all: These Two, Again? Heh.
But, guys, T-Swift is not the kind of girl who is going to write a song ("Dear John") about a no-good guy and then let him waltz right back into her life. And, if someone accused you of dating John Mayer, would you just let it stand? No, sir. This is not a "shake it off" situation.
Before anyone could scream, "Call in Lena Dunham," the pop star had her people nip the rumors in the bud. "Taylor was with Lily Aldrige and never saw Mr. Mayer at Chateau Marmont," the fast-acting rep told E! News. Burn.
Disaster averted, faith in womankind restored. Phew. (The Cut)

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