Watch Miss Lawrence Get Ready For Pat McGrath's Mothership Ball

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Cinderella managed to be belle of the ball at a moment's notice — and so did Miss Lawrence. The fashion flexible actor, who's in Fox's Star, pulled off his entire lewk for Pat McGrath's Mothership Ball, the New York Fashion Week kickoff event to celebrate McGrath's full cosmetics collection, in merely two days.
"Honey, when you grow up in it, it's nothing for a girl to go in the back of her closet and pull something out," he tells Refinery29. "I'm a part of the culture. I said, 'let me pull something out that's show stopping'." And that he did. Miss Lawrence's final ensemble was a high-low blend of custom-made pieces, Tom Ford shoes, a vintage fascinator, and staples from Zara. The same goes for his glam.
Miss Lawrence, who does his own makeup, is very proud of his kit, which is equal parts prestige and drugstore. "You season your food. I like to season my face, so it'll be good and baked when I step into the place," he laughs. So, what was on the menu for the big event? Miss Lawrence walks us through the whole process, ahead.

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