How Harry Styles Inspired One Fan To Put On Nail Polish

Few celebrities have more fans than Harry Styles. So, when he wears heeled boots, channels his inner Mick Jagger, or paints his nails, people take notice. And while the rock star might not be shattering glass ceilings, his androgynous approach to everything from his hair to his clothing does send an important message to his fanbase.
Ever since Styles was a member of One Direction, gossip headlines blasted the 23-year-old singer for showing up to shows or red carpets with painted nails. And while it's been a long-running trend for the star, one young fan just took notice and is making major waves on social media. Twitter account, RJ (@_LWTKIWI), posted a photo of his 11-year-old brother's fingernails coated in a pink lacquer. His caption reads, "My little brother saw a picture of harry styles with his nails painted & made me do his bc he "didn't know boys were allowed" we match now."
The tweet was first posted back in July, but has since garnered the kind of viral attention you've come to expect with eyebrow trends. More than a month later, and the original tweet has amassed over 27,000 retweets and 80,000 likes. Fan responses and commentary have flooded in, praising the siblings for their support and for Styles offering up some representation.
Our only hope is that more people start to feel comfortable outside the world's socially-constructed comfort zones. Oh, and that maybe Styles will pull out some more nail art for his upcoming tour.
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