Your Favorite The Hills Star Is Honoring Her Daughter In The Sweetest Way

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images/Prey Swim By Audrina Patridge.
It feels like just yesterday we were rolling our eyes at Heidi and Spencer and belting out the lyrics to “Unwritten.” But it’s now 2017, and all our favorite reality stars from MTV’s The Hills have since moved on. In fact, a lot of them have gotten married and/or had children within the past couple years. As for Audrina Patridge, it’s already time for her to honor her 14-month-old daughter Kirra Max in the most Patridge way possible — with fresh ink.
The former free-spirited brunette took to Instagram to post a teaser for her newest tattoo. In the picture, Patridge’s brother-in-law Kyle Loza goes to work on the side of Patridge’s rib cage. “It was time to get some ink for my baby girl, she means the world to me and what better person to do it than my amazing brother in law @kylelozansd #kirrayouremymoonandstars,” she wrote in the caption.
Going off the hashtag, it's safe to assume the tat is celestial-themed, but Patridge has yet to post an image of the finished work. Even still, it's the sentiment behind the design that seems to have fans in a tizzy: “That was beautifully put. Both of you are uniquely natural beauties,” one user wrote. Others commended her for her willingness to power through the pain. “I'm getting [my] tattoo [in] the same position tomorrow, and I'm sooooo afraid ?” another added.
Patridge is no stranger to tattoos. She also has a large biblical tattoo at the base of her neck: “My tattoo is a heart with four chambers that turns into an apple with a snake around it,” she once wrote in a blog post. “It symbolizes the story of Adam and Eve… and also temptation and destiny.”If this new tattoo has as much thought and sentiment behind it as Patridge’s neck tattoo, it’s going to be epic. One things for certain: Kirra has herself one dedicated Mom.
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