This Silly Meme Actually Pokes A Hole In The White Walkers Theory

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
If you're like me, browsing the internet for the latest memes is a great way to pass the time during the commute to work. Stumbling on Buzzfeed's mega-list of 100 season 7 Game of Thrones memes was just the thing to distract me from the crowded train. But one meme blows everything out the water, and it opens up a huge question about everything we know about the White Walkers.
Remember when we last saw Euron Greyjoy? Yes, I know, we're all trying to forget about him and his Rick Owens jacket. He was at the zombie meeting at the dragon pit, gloating about how the White Walkers can't swim and taking his fleet back to the Iron Islands.
Well, if the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead can't swim, how in the heck did they get these chains around dead Viserion?!
Photo: Reddit/HBO.
Never mind that we are still puzzled about how the chains were forged to begin with. Someone had to have swam into the lake in order to secure the chains to his body. In fact, there must have been at least 4 zombie scuba divers who plunged into the icy water, attaching four different chains. How else would they have been able to grab hold of Viserion? I highly, highly doubt that they just tossed the chains in the water like they were fly fishing, hoping that the chains would catch onto the corpse.
I mean, I get it, the show writers needed a way to extract a giant dead dragon from the bottom of a frozen lake, but the implications of the chains create way too many plot holes. Since "Beyond The Wall," those chains have been driving me up the wall. If the Army of the Dead can indeed swim, the stakes just got 1000% more terrifying for the citizen of Westeros.
Photo: HBO.
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