This Video Of Chris Evans Reuniting With His Dog Will Make You Happy-Cry

I'm a sensitive, emotional gal who recently cried while watching a Windex commercial — I wish I were lying — but outside of scenes depicting aging parents and their children, nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than seeing a bond between a human and an animal. If you're like me, this adorable video of Chris Evans finally being reunited with his furry best friend Dodger is sure to make you tear up.
Seriously, grab your tissues, because it's that moving.
He may be a superhero, but not even Evans can resist the power of a puppy kiss.
As you might recall, Evans scared the living daylight out of his fans (and Seth Rogen) when he posted a photo announcing that he would miss his sweet dog back in July. Evans later clarified that no, his dog wasn't dead, but that he and his pooch would be separated for a few months. While certainly not as devastating, being away from a pet who's more like family is never easy.
During their grueling 10-week separation period, Us Weekly reports Evans reminisced about the days he spent with Dodger. In one, the pair were snuggled up on the couch together for a snooze, and in another, the rescue dog surprised Evans with slobbery smooches.
According to Us Weekly, Evans rescued Dodger while shooting the 2016 movie Gifted.
In April, Evans opened up to Elle magazine about his experience having a dog, saying that it's made him feel like a kid again.
"I got a dog a year ago," he said. "She's become a huge part of my life. I felt very normal, like a regular human. I felt like my 12-year-old self. And I was really full of a lot of joy."
If only we could all find someone who loves us as much as Evans loves Dodger.

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