Mandy Moore Got A Black Eye & The This Is Us Cast Responded In The Best Way

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Mandy Moore had an eventful couple of days. The star reported to Instagram that she hit her eye on the shower door handle and ended up with a black eye. To help bolster her spirits after the accident the cast and crew of her television show This Is Us gave her a little surprise.
In the show, Mandy Moore plays Rebecca Pearson and is married to Milo Ventimiglia's Jack Pearson. They have three kids, Kate, Kevin, and Randall and a complicated relationship. One thing that never changes is that they are with each other through the hard times. And the crew's reaction of Moore's black eye proves that their love for one another isn't just on-screen.
In addition to her black eye, Mandy Moore also needed a few stitches on her brow bone. Luckily, a plastic surgeon was able to make it in after hours for her. After receiving her first black eye and having to get stitches for the very first time, we're sure Moore was feeling a little bummed out. That's when Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Preitz, and Zoe Hay (This Is Us hairstylist and makeup artist, respectively) sent her this adorable photo.
No, they didn't enforce some sort of This Is Us fight club and punch each other in solidarity. Makeup artist, Zoe Hay (who I'm just now realizing is four letters away from having my name), gave them fake black eyes all on the same side! Now, Moore won't feel so alone with her injury. Moore posted a screenshot of Ventimiglia's text and said "Don't mean to blow up their spot but I have the best work family ever, ever, ever. Come on!! Love you."
This Is Us is already known for having an amazing and authentic family in the show. Now it's clear why. The entire crew acts like one big family. Hopefully, Mandy Moore heals soon and they won't have to wear the black eyes for very long.
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