If You're A White Dude, Insecure Was Not Made For You

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For Issa Rae, being comfortable in her Blackness was a journey. But once she became satisfied in her own skin, she really began to shine. When production started on Insecure, her hit TV show on HBO, Rae brought in a diverse writers' room, complete with white writers, in order to make the show well-rounded. But that doesn't change who she always intended Insecure to be for: Black people.
Issa Rae opened up to Rolling Stone about the creation of her show, which is now on its second season. The comedy quickly became somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. When it airs on Sunday nights, Twitter users go crazy reacting to the antics of the main character, her alter-ego Issa Dee, and her friends. Although the show seems popular across all demographics, Issa Rae is determined to keep its original essence alive.
"In creating and writing the show, this is not for dudes," she explains. "It's not for white people. It's the show that I imagined for my family and friends. That's what I think of when I'm writing the scenes."
Rae reiterates a sentiment that several Black artists and fans have adopted over the past few years. Solange Knowles released a song in 2016 called "F.U.B.U" meaning "For us, by us." As more and more African-American people begin to take a seat at the table, they're creating content that's personalized to their culture. Others can enjoy it, but this is for us.
"We are telling specific stories with a universal element," Rae believes.
The combination is clearly working. Insecure has already been picked up for a third season. Additionally, Issa Rae has two year First-Look contract with HBO to help bring in more diverse projects. With a secret project in the works and Insecure taking off, Rae should be able to reach these dreams easily.
"I want to be a pop culture staple," she muses. "I want a place in the culture. I want people to reference this show and identify with the characters for years to come."
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