Do Not Try To Play Issa Rae On Twitter Because She Sees You

Photo: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images.
Issa Rae may have deemed herself an "Awkward Black Girl" long ago, but she is oozing nothing but fierce confidence these days. With the premiere of the second season of Insecure still fresh in our minds, we just can't get over how much of a trendsetter Rae has become, both in her personal style and the relatable content she serves throughout her HBO comedy series, which she stars in as Issa (a character based on herself).
So, you can imagine our dismay when we see this hilarious and iconic woman having to defend herself on Twitter from Internet trolls. Especially trolls who are legitimately rating her appearance as if she is a show pony. Now, not only is it demeaning to rate a woman solely on her appearance, but it's also idiotic because Rae can see all the damn tweets! Twitter is a public forum and the guys used her full name making it extremely easy for her to find if she's searching her name. (No shame, girl.)
It started when "The Awkward Guy" (ha) tweeted out the lyrical message: "Issa Rae is bae." Another guy, D.J., responded, stating: "You must be watching her tv show." (Nothing gets past him) to which The Awkward Guy says "Yeah i was. She bad af bro." And this is where things get interesting.
Oh, yeah D.J.? The Awkward Guy is quick to clarify that she is in fact a "10" to him.
Now that these two men are done rating Rae like a gadget being reviewed on Amazon Prime, please allow the woman of the hour to introduce herself because: HI SHE CAN SEE THESE TWEETS.
After exposing them, Rae's followers were quick to rally behind her (I mean, who wouldn't?) and drag the men a little bit, just to give them a taste of their own medicine. Never forget the ancient Twitter philosophy: those who troll, get trolled. And those who drag, get dragged.
It also led to a larger conversation about the way men feel comfortable "rating" women, celebrity or otherwise.
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