Issa Rae Pitched A Black 90210 & We Need It Now

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In the TV world of our dreams, Issa Rae would be able to do anything she wants. The creator of Insecure has already earned a special place in our hearts, but in a new interview with the New Yorker, she says that if she had her way, she'd create a "90210 or Gossip Girl for Black kids."
Rae would take the tried-and-true format of teen angst and transport it to Ladera Heights 90041 or Potomac, Maryland, 20854, which are just a couple of the titles she tosses into the ether. Any network (or streaming service, because it's 2017) would be wise to pay attention, because Rae's got the Midas touch. Her show would star one Lil' Richie, who is weary of the "access and excess" afforded him by his pampered upbringing. Rae adds that because she's riffing on the formulas of soapy teen dramas, there'd have to be a "ho," too. The writer and actor describes that character as "thirsty" and "always on her ho shit," but as The Mary Sue points out, with her track record, Rae would probably add in a feminist lean to the ho.
Further proving that she's a big fan of the very shows that she's describing, she adds that her version would be cast with adults playing teens and have absolutely zero goody-goody characters, because, "nobody was watching 90210 for Tori Spelling." Plus, fans of Insecure know that there was a not-so-subtle shoutout to Gossip Girl in a recent episode involving a certain neighbor and a one-night stand.
Can someone give Rae the chance to live out her dreams, please? Not only would it give audiences another way to get inside her brilliant mind, there's no doubt it would be great television.
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