Viola Davis & Her Husband's First Date Is Actual Goals

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Hollywood rom-coms make meet-cutes look almost unattainable, but Viola Davis' actual first meeting with her now-husband Julius Tennon may be better than those over-the-top fictional situations. Davis described her own path to romance on a new show for OWN, Black Love, and it'll warm even the coldest hearts.
The Huffington Post reports that Davis and Tennon explore their relationship in the show's pilot. Davis explains that when she was still single, she was telling her friend how she felt lonely and isolated in Los Angeles. Tennon happened to overhear the conversation and offered up his card. It was direct, it didn't involve any swiping, and Davis says that the upfront approach basically terrified her.
Davis adds that during their first date — which didn't happen for several weeks due to Davis' trepidation — Tennon was so open and honest about himself that it surprised Davis. She felt like she knew him completely right away. But what happened after the date is what's giving everyone the feels.
Just like the date itself, Tennon was direct and honest. "He just said, 'You are a very beautiful and nice woman, and it was a pleasure spending time with you,'" Davis said. "And he shook my hand."
Then, 20 minutes later, Davis got a call and Tennon told her one more time that the had a great time and that she was a beautiful woman. And 20 minutes after that, Davis got another call. Again, Tennon showered her with compliments.
That seemed to seal the deal, because the two got married in 2003 and are out there sharing the very cute story of that first date with the world. The simplicity and sincerity of the whole thing may not make for a good movie, but it's certainly more relatable than an elaborate rom-com plot.
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