Alexis Waters Left Bachelor In Paradise, Proving That Love Doesn't Always Make For Good Television

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Last night, without ceremony, Alexis Waters left Bachelor In Paradise. She simply didn't receive a rose, and she said her goodbyes. Bachelor In Paradise fans mourned because she's the funniest member of the show — and she is. She's good at clowning in front of the cameras. You might say she's proof that reality television can be comedic; you just have to find the right people. However, her departure proves that being funny woman in Paradise will get you nowhere — being funny will get you a lot of things in life. But if you're a girl, it won't get you a rose in Bachelor Nation.
Waters, who is 24, has always been there for laughs. She started her journey on the show in a shark costume. She explained that she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. But she was wearing a shark costume for sure. Waters seemed aware of the joke, though, which was a first — usually, The Bachelor preys on the gloriously un-self-aware.
Here's what Alexis Waters finds funny: pretending to be a dolphin-shark. Acting like a cowboy in the Wild Wild West. Putting on a British accent and shading former Bachelor Nick Viall.
Alas, Alexis Waters couldn't find love in Paradise. Ben Zorn could have given her his rose; instead, he gave it to Danielle Lombard, a move that reeks of producer involvement. (Lombard is dating Dean Unglert, who is also dating Kristina Schulman. It's a love triangle, and the show is enjoying the drama of it all.)
In her place, Bachelor In Paradise welcomed Daniel McGuire, another contestant deemed "funny" by audiences. But McGuire isn't like Waters. He called the women on the show leftover "scraps." He makes culturally insensitive jokes about "curry." He told the cameras he wants to find a woman interested in his cock. (The word was bleeped on the show, but it's easy enough to decipher.) He's downright misogynistic and frankly a little off-putting, but he'll probably survive in Paradise longer than Waters did.
Waters could have saved Paradise — her presence alone kept the show light-hearted. Without her, it's dead in the water. (Enjoy that pun. It'll be the last of the fun Paradise-related things.)
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