Reese Witherspoon Has Joined The Final Season Of The Mindy Project & It's Total Squad Goals

A show that bucked romantic comedy tropes is now bringing a rom-com heroine to the small screen for its sixth season. Reese Witherspoon will guest star on The Mindy Project, joining her pal and A Wrinkle In Time co-star during the Hulu series' final run.
Kaling, who is currently expecting her first child, took to Instagram to share the good news, along with a photo of the leading ladies on set.
"Our latest #themindyprojectguest star is the only woman i would want to trapped in a cave with. (This is weirdly the second cave we have acted in together!) @reesewitherspoon"
Witherspoon took to Twitter to share her excitement over this collaboration. She shared a photo of her Mindy Project script — which revealed she will appear in the seventh episode of the sixth season — writing:
"Is it possible to have too much fun on set? Exciting cave-dwelling things to come with @mindykaling and #TheMindyProject!"
I have so many questions, but mostly I want to know what brings Witherspoon and Kaling to this cave...and why is Witherspoon wearing what looks like a fancy dress?
The easiest explanation is that Dr. Mindy Lahiri is having a panic dream in which she looks to her rom-com idol for some love advice. TV Mindy is clearly going to need it, considering the doctor is reportedly getting a divorce mere months after she married boyfriend Ben (Bryan Greenberg). Will it be a fantasy version of Witherspoon who tells Mindy, once and for all, that she doesn't need a man to fulfill her destiny?
Whatever the reason for Witherspoon's presence, it's just one more reason to get hyped for the last season of the beloved sitcom. Let's hope that Kaling's pal ushers her character into romantic happiness, or, at the very least, helps her get out of that cave.

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