Mindy Kaling Has A Big Twist In Store For Her On-Screen Self

Photo: Richard Foreman/Hulu.
Over the past several weeks, we've been talking a lot about Mindy Kaling's pregnancy announcement, her first time discussing becoming a mom, and Oprah's reaction to the news. However, we just became momentarily distracted from Mindy's actual life events by news of what's about to happen to TV Mindy. Today, Entertainment Weekly reported that, during the upcoming final season of The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri will get divorced.
The fourth season of Kaling's Hulu show ended with our main character Mindy marrying Ben (Bryan Greenberg), a nurse whom she met when he was leading a nurse's strike. Fans will remember that Mindy's proposal to Ben was immediately followed by a scene that showed our heroine's excitement over her future marriage become clouded by clear worry over what she had just gotten herself into. Earlier this month, Kaling told EW that the show's final season will "unpack that look" of worry and "how that has metastasized over the course of 10 months." And, we now know, that will include a divorce.
Though part of us would prefer to see the character of Mindy happy and in love, her ending up as a single mother once again reflects a reality that we don't often see on television, and that's so important and exciting. Despite Kaling's well-documented love of romantic comedies, this not-so-romantic twist is actually a whole lot more interesting. The Mindy Project's creator has also promised that, this season, we'll see Mindy deal with mom-shaming, another unpleasant situation that many mother's experience in real life that we don't often see on television. We're eager to see how the show handles this storyline that now very closely relates to Mindy Kaling's real life as she becomes a single mother.

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