This Pumpkin Pie Fidget Spinner Is So Many Trends At Once

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Did we just uncover the trendiest food of all time? If the pumpkin pie fidget spinner is not it, I don't know what is.
If you're wondering what the heck a pumpkin pie fidget spinner even is, let me break it down for you: It's a pumpkin pie, shaped into the popular gadget that is providing a mesmerizing distraction for kids — and plenty of adults — all over the world. In fact, you can't even really say that the pumpkin pie is merely shaped as a fidget spinner: It actually is one, in the sense that it moves in the same way the plastic toys do.
The only difference? You may be too distracted by how delicious it looks to want to play with it for very long.
PopSugar created the dessert, and has thoughtfully provided the recipe online. They've also created an Oreo fidget spinner, and a pizza fidget spinner as well. However, this is the one fidget spinner treat that seems perfect for a time when pumpkin spice everything is soon to descend upon us.
Yep, a pumpkin pie fidget spinner is basically the most perfect trend combination. It's the next best thing to creating a pumpkin spice latte fidget spinner, which seems a lot more of a hassle than it's worth.
Of course, this is hardly the only time that people have given the fidget spinner a second purpose other than, well, spinning. GlamSpin created a lip gloss fidget spinner that made its way to Sephora. Lush released a bubble bar shaped like the popular toy. And while it's not exactly a new product, some people are even using fidget spinners to contour.
Pampering products are all well and good, and we're definitely more excited about this pumpkin pie concoction.

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