Contouring With A Fidget? It's Possible

Don't have a makeup sponge on hand? Don't worry, the internet's favorite new toy, the fidget spinner, is the latest tool to get the application tutorial treatment. The toys that all the kids can't get enough of may help relieve stress, but should use youse them to contour? Our makeup hero, James Charles showed off how to do it, if you're into that kind of thing, with his latest Instagram tutorial.
Charles admitted that the idea of fidget contouring sounds a bit crazy. "Have you guys played with one of these things yet?!" Charles asked. "I thought they were so dumb at first but they really help with ADHD, and they're so fun."
After watching Charles fidget contouring tutorial, you will be entertained if not convinced. Charles shows that the arms of the plastic spinning toy are decent tools to applying your contouring makeup. If you don't have a steady hand, it could come in handy when trying to draw perfectly straight lines, especially along the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.
As the clip shows, though, a makeup sponge is still necessary when it comes to smudging in your makeup, so a fidget spinner is more of a novelty tool. While the first male Covergirl never seems to amaze us with his inventiveness — or his secret talents, like singing and painting, who knew? — he admitted on Twitter about this tutorial, "My last ig post is 150% a joke to get likes. I hope y'all realize that anyways fidget spinners are actually so good it helps me stay focused."
There's no denying that Charles' light-up spinner sure looks cool and is a helpful stress tool. Who knows, it could help relieve any makeup applying stress that you may have. It looks like it could be fun to try just be careful.

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