Some Of Taylor Swift's Record Execs Haven't Heard Her New Song Yet

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The entire world is about to get its first taste of Taylor Swift's Reputation...including some of the people at her record company.
According to Entertainment Tonight, Swift has been so secretive about her new material that only the people who need to hear it have been allowed to preview the new tunes.
"She is obsessed with secrecy," a source told ET. "The levels of secrecy [on this album] are much tighter than compared with 1989."
At this point, it's common knowledge that Swift was understandably not happy with the leaks that surrounded her last album releases. Back in 2014, her 1989 album leaked a few days before it was supposed to drop. Big Machine, Swift's record label, pulled a video that featured the song "Blank Space" off of YouTube after it was posted without permission, and Team Swift scrambled to keep the album from getting onto peer-to-peer sharing sites to no avail. The same thing also happened with Red. USA Today notes that the entire album was leaked in 2012 before its release.
With a track record like that, it's no surprise that Swift has been keeping Reputation under Fort Knox-level protection. Sales didn't seem to dip, however, since loyal Swift fans pushed both Red and 1989 into multi-platinum territory.
Reports state that Swift has been happy with the Reputation rollout so far, but the fact that some of the people at her own record label haven't heard the lead single — set to be released tonight — is undoubtedly unusual.
"No one who didn't need to 100% hear [the song] before tonight has heard it," ET added. "She is thrilled that the album name and stuff didn't leak before and she got to control it. She was very upset in 2014 when the album name got out before she was ready."
So, while fans and critics alike wait with bated breath, it seems that some of the people at Taylor's record company are sweating it out, too. If she's keeping things this tight for a single, she may just manage to keep the album from leaking before November 10.
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