Meghan Trainor's Face & Lyrics Are Being Used In An Anti-Gay Marriage Propaganda

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.
Meghan Trainor has been vocal about her support of LGBT rights. She even dedicates her song "Close Your Eyes," to community members. That's part of the reason why it was so weird for fans to see her face and lyrics on an anti-gay marriage campaign in Australia.
Gay marriage is not yet legal in Australia (although in some parts it is recognized) — the last day to enroll to vote is August 24. With the decision coming up, Vote No Australia shared an advertisement for their position on Facebook. But the photo featured Meghan Trainor's face and lyrics from one of her popular songs.
Both the sentiment and the illegal use of Trainor's image are infuriating. The lyric is from Trainor's hit song "No," which is about unwanted approaches from men. The post garnered a decent amount of support before Trainor caught on. On top of being totally illegal, Vote No goes against a belief important to her.
As soon as the singer found out, she tweeted a response.
Then, she sent her own advertisement out.


A post shared by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on

It's unknown if Trainor took any action against the Facebook group, but photo has now been taken down. A few hours after Trainor posted her ad, the page issued an apology.
"We apologise to Megan Trainor and her support base if this has caused any angst or distress," they wrote. "We had no idea who the person in the meme was."
While they might be a confused on what a meme is, it's only right that they set things straight. Let this be an internet lesson for all: just because something is going around online doesn't mean it holds any truth.
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