These Mug Cake Mixes Are The Ultimate Quick Dessert Fix

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We don't know about you, but when a dessert craving strikes, the last thing we want to do is spend 20 minutes mixing ingredients and another half an hour or so waiting for that batter to become an actual cake. Fortunately, this is one issue dessert fiends can cross off their list for good, because as Delish reports, Duncan Hines has come up with a solution perfect for the laziest cake enthusiast: individual pouches of mug cake mixes.
You can now enjoy cake for one in a matter of minutes — no need to run to your local Sprinkles ATM in order to pick up a hasty treat. Duncan Hines' new line of mug cake mixes are so unbelievably easy you may wonder why you even rented an apartment with an oven in the first place.
Here's how it works: Simply pour one of the pouches into a mug, throw in the appropriate amount of water, and nuke it in the microwave for one minute. That's right: In 60 seconds or less, you'll be enjoying a fluffy, portable treat with minimal clean-up.
Enjoy it during a Netflix binge, along with a cup of tea, or, hell, take it to the movie theater with you — weirder things have happened.
Now, let's talk about flavors. So far three have been released, though we're keeping our fingers tightly crossed for a carrot cake variety in the future. Duncan Hines' current flavors include Confetti Cake, Chocolate Lovers' Cake, and, outside of the cake club, Chocolate Chip Muffin. (Yes, your boring breakfast woes have also been solved.)
The one teeny, tiny issue with this dessert? It's missing frosting. If you're someone who needs a little pizzazz atop their cake, you may want to buy one of Duncan Hines' frosting cans separately. Don't worry: no one is judging.
Now go forth and dust off your cutest mug — it has a mission to fulfill.
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