According To Twitter, You Haven't Lived Until You Bring Spaghetti To The Movies

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
We're always working toward "living our best lives." Though by now it has become a bit of a Millennial cliche, that hasn't stopped us from doing everything we can to achieve said status. We often find inspiration on how to get there from celebs like Oprah and of course, Barack and Michelle Obama, but ordinary people can also be a great source for ideas on how to live life to the fullest, as we just discovered through a recent tweet about spaghetti and a relaxing trip to the movies.
Yesterday, David Chen, the host of the /Film podcast, tweeted a photo of a woman holding two Ziploc bags filled with spaghetti. Accompanying the tweet, he wrote, "On @slashfilmcast, we talked about a listener's gf who brought spaghetti to the theater. Lots of people asked to see photo proof. Here it is"
Shortly after Chen tweeted the photo, another Twitter user who knows the people involved, swooped in to "confirm the validity of this story" with a screenshot of text conversation about the bags of spaghetti.
The texter above may have been skeptical about eating spaghetti out of a plastic bag at the movies, but we immediately thought the unorthodox idea was probably worth a try. Really, what's not to love in the scenario? Spaghetti? A delicious meal. Movie? A fun activity to enjoy alone or with friends. Put them together, and you will indeed be living your best life. In fact, this writer once smuggled an entire pizza into a movie and still regards it as one of the most rewarding feats of her entire life. The only question that remains is, was the spaghetti cold? Honestly, that may change our level of enthusiasm about it. Other Twitter users don't seem to have any reservations, though.
So, would you try it?

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