Introducing: Barack Obama, Instagram Husband

Photo: MIKE LEYRAL/AFP/Getty Images.
Barack Obama has had quite the résumé: Community organizer, attorney, senator, 44th president, multi-million-dollar author, bae AF Glow-bama, and now...Instagram Husband.
What is an Instagram Husband, you ask? We've previously reported on this phenomenon, explaining that "an Instagram Husband is not defined by gender — men and women can both bear the title — but rather by that person's performance behind the camera in photo-taking scenarios." Photo-taking scenarios meant to depict the subject in his or her most flattering, "natural" pose.
This is the tinkerer who makes it all happen behind the scenes, from the ideal angle and filter to moving just a little bit to the right to get the shot that'll get a million likes. Just look at this photo of Barack taking a snap of Michelle on a luxury super yacht. Sure, the spotlight is on her, but he's the unsung hero.
The Obamas are currently on the most star-studded vacation of possibly all time, gallivanting around the South Pacific with Ms. Oprah herself, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and Bruce Springsteen — and we're so thankful for the tireless photographers documenting it all. Local station Tahiti Nui TV reports that Oprah and co. recently joined the Obamas on a 460-foot yacht called The Rising Sun owned by the head of Oracle, Larry Ellison. What a life.
These viral tweets pretty much encapsulate the conversation we imagine the former first couple having on that yacht:
The Obamas have been playing professional fabulous people for a few months now since the inauguration. It looks good on them: They've jaunted to a Coachella Valley hideaway in Palm Springs, and the former prez even had a kitesurfing competition with Richard Branson on the mogul's private island. But we know that once they come back — glowing and well-moisturized as always — they'll roll up their sleeves and get right back to work. We'll never, ever get over Glow-bama, though.

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