A Lot Of Americans Prefer Awesome Flight Deals To Sex & TBH We're Not Surprised

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There’s no denying that scoring a great flight deal feels good. Not only do you save money, but you also get to look forward to a trip. But according to some Americans, buying a cheap flight doesn’t just feel good — it feels really good.
A survey found that 44% of Americans between 18 and 69 think that saving money on a flight actually feels better than sex, according to Travel + Leisure. It’s not just sex, either. In fact, this survey’s respondents said there are few things better than nabbing a flight deal in general.
Fifty-nine percent of people said flight deals are better than a first date, which is totally understandable given how miserable first dates can be. Over 60% said buying a cheap flight feels better than hanging out with friends, and 70% said it feels better than drinking beer or wine. Oh, and 69% of people say it’s better than binge-watching a TV show. So essentially, scoring a cheap flight feels better than having a social life, alcohol, or Netflix. Who knew. has a few different ways for you to experience this better-than-sex feeling for yourself. According to the site, Thanksgiving travel is cheaper than Christmas airfares, so book a flight home for Turkey Day if you’re looking to save. And when you’re looking for that flight, don’t believe the hype about saving money by booking on a Tuesday. found that the best day to score a cheap flight is actually Friday. That way, you can celebrate your cheap fare all weekend long!
While flying may bring out the worst in people, it turns out booking flights might actually bring out the best in them. So if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, try hunting for a cheap flight. Scoring a deal might feel better than you think.

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