This Theory Would Mean Littlefinger Is Actually Already Dead & It Kind Of Makes Sense

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Fellow Game of Thrones theory enthusiasts, it's time to strap on our tin foil hats, because this one is a marathon down conspiracy theory lane. With just one episode of season 7 left, we're hoping to see some of our most pressing questions answered. What is going on with Arya (Maisie Williams) and Sansa (Sophie Turner)? What's the deal with Arya's dagger? Where is Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) going shopping?
We've been waiting for 7 years to learn more about Littlefinger's motives. As the show's signature shadowy creepy dude, he's secured his own rise to power by allowing his enemies to fight amongst themselves. Actor Aiden Gillen has perfected his character's evil grin as he steps up the ladder of chaos, but we wonder if someone else has learned his lecherous mannerisms: a certain Stark sister.
In last week's episode, "Beyond The Wall," Sansa discovers Arya's Faceless masks. Arya eerily explains that they're her faces. "I got them in Braavos, while I was training to be a Faceless Man...I can become someone else. Speak in their voice. Live in their skin." She uses them, of course, to disguise herself in order to kill someone on her death list.
Which leads us to this conclusion: what if Arya is has already killed Littlefinger, and is testing Sansa's loyalty to the Stark family? He's not on her list, and while she's impulsive, she certainly isn't stupid. Arya would certainly be able to see that Littlefinger is stirring the kettle. After all, middle Stark trained with the Faceless Men, there is no way that Littlefinger is more stealthy or cunning than she is. That creepy conversation she had with Sansa was her way of lettering her sister know that she's steps ahead.
It also may explain that odd conversation that Littlefinger had with Sansa, where he urged her to use Brienne as a wedge. Brienne is honor-bound to protect the Stark sisters, but what if she needs to defend them against each other? We won't know, because Sansa sent Brienne back to King's Landing, leaving Sansa and Arya without any potential backup. Not that Arya would need it, but perhaps this Arya-as-Littlefinger scheme involves keeping as few people around as possible who could discover her secret.
This theory was brought to our attention by R29 commenter Sasha Gheiler on this post, as we are stoked to have readers who are just nerdy about this show as we are.
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