This Kit Kat Flavor Is An Abomination To All Candy Everywhere

Chocolate is one of the greatest gifts that nature has bestowed on mankind, and the classic Kit Kat bar is no exception. That's why I get so unbelievably angry when that chocolate is tainted with glorified cold medicine. According to Rocket News, cough drop-flavored Kit Kats are a thing, and how anyone thought it was okay is beyond me.
Look, I'm totally here for fun, innovative candy flavors. I'm not going to complain about the cookie dough-stuffed Kit Kat bar. In fact, I'll rejoice at its existence. There are just certain things that shouldn't mix, and I think it's safe to say that Kit Kats and cough drops are two of those things.
The new candy bar — which is only available in Japan — doesn't exist in a vacuum. According to Eater, the flavor is actually a part of a promotion with Yasutaro Matsuki, a Japanese soccer commentator. The bars are only available until September 10, making them timed to FIFA World Cup matches. So if you want to scream your head off at a soccer game but don't have the time to suck on a cough drop to soothe your scratchy throat, simply nosh on one of these Kit Kat bars. That's the idea, anyway.
If you're wondering exactly what these candy bars will consist of, you should know that they're not technically chocolate — they're white chocolate, with the powder of a cough drop mixed into the coating. Nestlé thinks that the flavor is "fresh and invigorating" and I think that Nestlé has ruined candy.
This isn't the only bizarre Kit Kat flavor that has existed. Japan really loves its Kit Kats, and has boasted flavors like European cheese, edamame, and even sake.
Props for innovation, Japan, but maybe next time keep throat lozenges out of the flavor equation.
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