Twitter Knows That At-Home Haircuts Never Work Out

To cut, or not to cut, my own hair? It's a thought that has probably run through your mind at one point or another, for a myriad of reasons: Our schedules are too packed, the salon is booked for months, our stylist is out of town, our bangs are overgrown and we need to cut 'em now. It's like an itch you need to scratch, so — with a pair of shears you bought from the local beauty store — you go to town on your dead ends.
But more often than not, this brave, rash, and amateur decision almost always ends with a botched haircut that takes months to grow out. If you can relate, but thought you were the only one who cut their ponytail off in 5th grade, you're not. In fact, Twitter is having a GIF-heavy conversation on the question, "Have you thought about cutting your own hair?" right now.
The answer: Yes, of course. Because no matter how terribly it always ends, we still go back for round two at one point or another. One user said their at-home chop looks more like Zach Galifianakis' hair in the show Masterminds:
And remember Target Lady, a fan-favorite character on Saturday Night Live played by Kristen Wiig? Haven't we all had a DIY haircut like it?
And the relatable tweets just keep on coming...
Let us know in the comments if you've ever cut your own hair. Because if there's a success story, we want to hear it.
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