This Is How Netflix Will Convince You To Watch The Defenders

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Turns out, there's such a thing as a "gateway show." According to a study Netflix performed on its own "suggestion" algorithm, these shows are responsible for getting the non-action fans invested in Netflix's series of Marvel shows. These "gateway shows" can lead just about anyone to Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Daredevil, or Luke Cage. And then, by extension, these Marvel shows will lead to the ultimate Marvel show, The Defenders.
For example, if you like "moral ambiguity" in your shows, you probably like House of Cards, the ultimate test of how long you can withstand morally corrupt characters. The Netflix algorithm will then suggest you watch Bloodline, the southern-based show about a morally corrupt family. Then, when you've devoured the show and all its Ben Mendelssohn goodness, you might be enticing into watching Daredevil, the show about vigilante justice.
And then, by the transitive property, you might start watching The Defenders, even if you have a professed dislike of comic book-related shows. In fact, the study seemed to demonstrate that most Netflix Originals can eventually lead you to a Marvel show — Grace & Frankie leads to Love, which leads to Shameless, which will then direct you toward Iron Fist. Orange Is The New Black will lead you to Jessica Jones, which seems obvious enough. (There's only so many shows in the "strong female lead" category.)
Image: Courtesy of Netflix.
All of this goes to prove that Netflix, while perhaps the ultimate source of comfort for most people, is good at getting people out of their pop culture comfort zone. Shows based on comic books have a certain reputation — they're action-filled and a bit obnoxious. But Netflix's algorithm works to rid viewers of these assumptions so they can partake in Netflix's Marvel universe, which is anything but broad.
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