Did Selena Gomez Send A Message To The Alt-Right With Her Outfit?

Selena Gomez isn't typically vocal about her political beliefs, but she recently made a fashion statement that seems to be a response to recent displays of white nationalism.
The singer was recently spotted in Los Angeles wearing a “We The People” necklace by The Slow Factory, Teen Vogue reports. The necklace, which was created in collaboration with the American Civil Liberties Union, is available in both gold and silver plated versions on Slow Factory's website.
Most importantly, 10% of the proceeds from every necklace sold will be donated directly to the ACLU. The organization has been one of the staunchest opposers of Trump's immigration policies, and it has been part of the effort to remove Confederate symbols, monuments, and statues from public property. The Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally that turned deadly began as a protest over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in the city.
This isn't the first time Gomez has worn her politics on her sleeve. In February, she attended a Grammy after-party dressed in denim jacket that read "God Bless Nasty Women" on the back.
Although she's never been the most political celebrity, Gomez has certainly used her platform for worthy causes in the past. In March, she spoke candidly with Vogue about getting treatment for her mental health issues. At the time, Gomez emphasized the importance of seeking help and told the outlet that she was seeing a therapist five times a week.
"DBT [dialetical behavior therapy] has completely changed my life," she told Vogue. "I wish more people would talk about therapy. We girls, we're taught to be almost too resilient, to be strong and sexy and cool and laid-back, the girl who's down. We also need to feel allowed to fall apart."

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