This Theory About Cersei Having Another Child (Who We Already Know) Is Amazing

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Another Monday, another Game of Thrones theory. The episodes themselves are stressful enough, but the show has become such an addiction that we must know all the theories. This new one about Cersei and her deceased son has us rethinking everything.
In season one, Cersei told Cat Stark that she once had a son who looked just like Robert Baratheon, with dark hair. When he was a baby, according to Cersei, he caught a fever and died. But what if he's still alive?
In one Game of Thrones forum, user "Millysandre" details a plausible theory about what happened to Baby Lannister-Baratheon.
"Cersei could have had a strong dislike for her son since she also had a strong dislike for his father, King Robert," they began. "She would have probably fancied Joffrey — or mainly a pure Lannister to sit on the Iron throne. She could have sent someone to kill the baby by poison, thus causing a fever that could have potentially killed him."
Instead of killing him, he was sent away, making the baby a lost but legitimate heir. Marie Claire points out another similar situation. Cersei could have wanted the baby out of the picture, but not dead. So, she and an assistant helped fake the child's death and then gave him to someone to raise.
If that's not mind-blowing enough, we might already know Cersei's long lost baby: Robert Baratheon's bastard son, Gendry. We think we know that Gendry's mother was a tavern wench who died young, but what if that's just a made up story? If Gendry is the son of Robert and Cersei, he has a claim to the throne.
Anyone who loves Gendry would be a huge fan of this storyline. After two seasons rowing a boat, he could use a little boost. Plus, the theory is a huge reminder that anything can happen. This show knows no bounds and that's pretty much why we love it.
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