White Walkers Are Really Slow, According To This Game Of Thrones Map

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Though we at home have been screaming at the screen about it for years, it looks like at least some of the major players on Game of Thrones are ready to face the real threat to Westeros, the White Walkers. Finally! Those guys and their zombie horde are obviously scarier than any scheming Lannisters. Or are they? One astute fan whipped out a map to show one advantage Jon Snow and company have over their icy foes: Team White Walker is really slow.
A Game of Thrones fan (we're not sure who, because it's been shared and re-shared so many times on Reddit) decided to illustrate this by sketching out everywhere Jon Snow has been from season 5's "Hardhome" episode until last week's "Eastwatch." That's the green line squiggling all over the place. Then he drew the tiny little red line that shows the White Walkers going from Hardhome to Eastwatch (with a detour to the Three-eyed Raven's cave added in a revised version after some two-eyed fans pointed out the mistake).
If you were a military strategist on the side of mankind, you'd feel pretty good about your chances. Also, you'd ask Jon to sit down and rest for a minute.
This is Game of Thrones, however, not some old zombie movie. Though several Reddit users have made cracks about why they're not called "White Runners," others have come up with some very good explanations for their slow progress.
"The White Walkers would have been taking their timehunting every last Free Folk and giant in the area. Their army is huge now," wrote Stophittingthyself.
"The wall is still up," Dankerton explained. "Presuming it's still working its magic, the WW are stuck until they make a move to test it down.
Acheron13 agreed, writing, "They're definitely waiting for something. When Bran saw the army of the dead, they weren't moving at all, they were literally just standing there."
So, maybe this isn't the most comforting map any more. Please resume being freaked out by White Walkers.
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