Reddit Found Proof That Riverdale & Rosewood Are Actually The Same Place

Photo: Art Streiber/The CW
When Riverdale first hit The CW, it immediately drew comparisons to Pretty Little Liars. (After all, both teen dramas did begin with the discovery of a dead body.) However, there's probably one thing you didn't notice that ties these two series together, and that's the fact that Rosewood and Riverdale are the same place.
Yep, it's true...err, sort of. Clever Redditors noticed that certain birds-eye shots of Riverdale look eerily like overhead shots of the Pretty Little Liars' hometown. It turns out that there's a reason for it: Both shows used the same place for their aerial shots.
"So I watched the first episode of Riverdale the other day and noticed the town looked quite familiar," wrote Redditor Ludoth31st. "It's Rosewood. I'm not sure if this was pointed out before but thought it was funny."
Redditor Marco_Sparks (of the popular Pretty Little Liars podcast, Bros Watch PLL Too) gave an explanation for the weirdness:
"It's a stock shot, and has probably been in lots of things. But, for example, you can see it at the start of Gremlins, back in 1984."
This isn't the only Pretty Little Liars/Riverdale connection fans have found. After Lucy Hale commented on Madelaine Petsch's Instagram photo, fans were convinced that the PLL actress was suiting up to join the River Vixens. However, rather than the actress joining Riverdale, it seems that she's simply filming her new CW series Life Sentence in Vancouver, close to where the Archie Comics adaptation has set up camp.
As for PLL, there is one series that shared a literal home with the Freeform show. Pretty Little Liars took over the former Gilmore Girls set — which means that, yes, Rosewood and Stars Hollow are the exact same place.
Riverdale and PLL may only share an aerial shot — Riverdale shoots on location in Vancouver, while PLL had a home on the Warner Bros. lot — but they definitely share plenty of mystery, intrigue, and juicy teen drama. We may have uncovered most or Rosewood's secrets, but fortunately, we still have plenty of time to dig up whatever is buried beneath Riverdale.

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