This Series Is The New Pretty Little Liars So Prepare To Be Obsessed

Mystery fans may be saying goodbye to Rosewood in 2017, but they're also scoring an invite to a town with a brand-new crop of dirty secrets. Riverdale promises to be 2017's answer to Pretty Little Liars, and I could not be more ready for this. Throw a bunch of pretty young people together, make them solve a mystery, and I will never fail to tune in. I've been hooked on PLL for seven seasons, and am already feeling panicked about what to watch once the final A is unmasked. (Cough cough Lucas cough.) Fortunately, the CW has developed a series with the DNA of Pretty Little Liars and a scarily-hot cast. Set in a sleepy town, Riverdale follows several teen characters as they attempt to learn the truth about a popular boy's death (hmm, sound familiar?) and navigate their own personal drama. What secrets lurk beneath the surface in Riverdale? The new trailer is already promising that there will be buckets. Of course, there's a twist on this Greg Berlanti-produced series that makes Riverdale more than your average *ahem* Teen Peaks, or a PLL knock-off: it's also an update on Archie Comics. All of your beloved characters, like famous redhead Archie and his two flirtationships Betty and Veronica, are in town and ready for love triangles, football games, and school dances. The difference is, this time around there's also murder. Color me highly intrigued.
The new series premieres on The CW January 26.

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