How To Kill A Wight Or White Walker In Six Easy Steps

Just as the night is dark and full of terrors, the North is cold and full of White Walkers. Despite this, Jon Snow and his merry band of wight hunters are heading above the Wall to play a game of “Capture the Wight.”
Their trek will not be without challenges. For one, many of the members of the mission have deep rivalries with one another that won’t be eased with a nice stroll through the Wall. Then, there's a more obvious challenge: How does one isolate a wight and transport it safely through Westeros?
Most pressingly, though, is how this gang of mortals (and questionable mortal Jon Snow) will go up against an army of the undead. How will they, with their paltry human swords and their uncovered heads, defeat elegant blue creatures with built-in armor?
Luck and dragonglass, that's how. Here are the six steps any aspiring hero should follow when setting off to kill a wight or White Walker.
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