Everything That Might Go Wrong On Jon Snow's Mission To Capture A Wight

The characters in Game of Thrones can be divided into two categories: Those who have seen White Walkers, and those who have not. White Walker believers, like Jon Snow, know there’s no time to waste. Skeptics, like Daenerys and Cersei, are more concerned with playing tug-of-war for the Iron Throne than they are with children’s tales come to life.
Defeating the White Walker army will require cooperation from every house in every corner of Westeros. But, as Jon Snow is realizing, it's impossible to motivate people to fight against a force they doubt even exists.
Since seeing is believing, Jon Snow showed Daenerys the Children of the Forest’s drawings in the dragonglass mine on Dragonstone (or, more realistically, he drew them himself). Unfortunately, arts and crafts isn’t likely to convince Cersei Lannister. So, as of last week's episode "Eastwatch," Jon Snow and his merry bunch of mavericks are heading north to wrangle up a living, (not) breathing example of that common cause.
Bringing a wight to King's Landing won't be easy. Here are the rivalries between each of the members of Jon Snow’s suicide squad, and what challenges their relationships pose for the trip's success.
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