With This Flight Deal, You Can Visit Both London & Iceland For $341 — But Hurry, It Ends Soon!

Photo: Getty Images.
If you've always wanted to visit both London and Reykjavik, today's your lucky day. Follow The Flight Deal's directions, and you can do it for just $341 — provided you hop on it ASAP, since the fares could expire within a couple of days.
You can fly from New York to London, stay there for a few days, and then head to Reykjavik, or you can go to London without the stopover. (The free stopover in Iceland is for up to seven days.) And FYI, Icelandair will include one free checked bag with your fare.
The deal is valid for travel between late October and early December of this year, and between January 2018 and early March 2018.
To find the cheap fare, The Flight Deal advises to use the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and plug in the following search terms.
When you're ready to book, you can use The Flight Deal's Priceline link with dates from the search above. Be sure to choose "flights" and "multi-destination," and enter each segment (New York-London, London-Reykjavik, and Reykjavik-New York) of the trip individually.
What's a little winter (and late-fall, and early-spring) cold when it means you can visit two dream destinations for a low price?