Glossier Is Letting Fans Pick Its Next Product — & The Internet Has A Lot Of Ideas

Photographed by AnnaAlexia Basile.
Glossier is of those beauty brands that can't stop, won't stop. This year alone, we've seen a featherweight sunscreen, cake-flavored lip balm, and shine-busting powder come our way. But according to founder Emily Weiss, there's so much more you can expect. But before we could start dreaming of a perfume or mascara with Glossier's millennial pink packaging, Into The Gloss announced this week that the company would be releasing its first-ever candle — and they needs your help creating it.
That's right: Glossier is looking to fans to help produce its newest product, and it's fitting that a candle is the brand's next step. Weiss has been known to light Byredo's Burning Rose in the Glossier showroom every single day, guaranteeing the kind of girly ambience one might expect from a place decked in wall-to-wall pink. The company has asked customers to comment on the original Instagram post requesting their ideal scents — and people got very specific.
The general consensus is that people want a fresh, floral scent — something comforting and cozy. Some customers have taken the imaginative route, like asking for a Pinterest-worthy candle housed in a glass jar similar to this blogger's. Others requested two candles, one for the morning and one for the evening.
Then, there were the people who dreamt big: "There's that scene in Working Girl when she goes to Sigourney Weaver's apartment for the first time ... and is totally overwhelmed with how amazing and over the top it is," the user wrote. "Then she tries on all of Sigourney's clothes and make up, and then later she feels more comfortable being there, like its her apartment. I would want a candle that makes me feel like I am not living in borrowed luxury but as though it is truly mine (for a time) and that maybe living in that apartment (or burning that candle) also makes me look like I could be the type of girl who is styled by Elizabeth Sulcer."
There's a lot of experiences to be explored, but the most curious of 'em all is a group of super fans just hoping Glossier makes a candle that smells just like the Milky Jelly Cleanser. There's no word yet on the official launch, but we'll update this post when we know more.
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