This Stranger Things Star Says The Hormones Are Raging On Set Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The kids from Stranger Things have a lot of fun together and they bring that energy with them wherever they are. From the outside, it looks like an awesome time. But can you imagine being an adult and having them as co-workers? David Harbour, who plays Detective Hopper, says that, for the most part, it's all fun and games. There's just one little issue that's only growing as time goes on: those inevitable teenage hormones.
Just like any job, there are perks and there's stuff that you just have to deal with. David Harbour spilled to TMZ what it's really like working with teenagers.
"It has great advantage and great disadvantage," Harbour began. "They're really spontaneous and they're really fun and they're all inventive and creative. After a good scene, we all hug.
"But in general, they're also teenage boys so it's like the hormones and what they're going through. I feel bad for them," he jokingly admitted.
Stranger Things castmates Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown are all 13, 14, and 15. That means they're experiencing their awkward formative years on television for the world to see. While we totally get it, it does affect the show in certain ways.
"It affects me and my comfortability," Harbour laughs. "Other than that, yeah, it'll affect the show. In season 2 and season 3 and stuff they'll grow up."
Um, what's that about a season 3? Season 2 of the '80s thriller doesn't come out until October 27. When asked if there's really going to be a third season, Harbour backtracks slightly.
"I think so. But if they hate season 2, then maybe not, but I think there will be a season 3."
Netflix may be canceling things left and right, but the show generates so much buzz that a season 3 should be a given. David Harbour is just going to have to channel his inner teenager to handle hanging out with his hormonal castmates.
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