The Original Halloweentown Cast Will Reunite For This Amazing Reason

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The Halloweentown cast is getting the gang back together again and hitting the road — original cast member Kimberly J. Brown announced on her YouTube channel Monday that she and fellow cast members Judith Hoag and J. Paul Zimmerman will appear the "Spirit of Halloweentown" to pay tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds, as per E! Online.
"You guys have been sending me messages about the Spirit of Halloweentown festival, which, for those of you who don't know, is a festival in St. Helen's, Oregon, where we shot the first Halloweentown movie," Brown explained in the video. The festival recreates the town square from the original movie in honor of the Halloween favorite. Each year, Brown explained, the festival begins with a "lighting ceremony" where festival goers recite a spell from the movie.
This year at the lighting ceremony, Brown and her fellow cast members will erect a monument in honor of Reynolds' role as Grandma Aggie in Halloweentown. Brown told Refinery29 in 2016 that she first attended the festival in 2015.
"I think it's one if not the first time that we've all been together since we filmed the movie," the 32-year-old Guiding Light actress added. Emily Roeske, who portrayed Sophie in the original TV film, may also make an appearance at the festival, although she is not confirmed.
When Reynolds participated in Halloweentown, she was a bonafide Halloween veteran — the biggest name in the movie.
"Over the years, as I got older and got to know her more, we just had so much fun on set. And she was a big champion of mine, which I always appreciated. She always looked out for me," Brown told Refinery29 regarding Reynolds for an oral history of the movie.
For the same interview, Judith Hoag, who will be at the festival this fall, recounted, "When we were shooting, I was in [Debbie's] trailer one day. She'd had a hotel in Vegas, and it didn't do well. It was at a time when that brand of hotel just wasn't as successful. She said, 'Well it's on the chopping block! My life is one series of fascinating disasters after another.' I just thought, Oh my God, I love this woman. She's a bonafide grande dame broad extraordinaire. Debbie glides into a room."
The Spirit of Halloweentown Festival will occur October 14 and 15 of this year.
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