Clay Aiken Regrets Those Trump Comments (Finally)

Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images.
It looks like President Donald Trump's reaction to the Charlottesville riots were enough to turn the tides for Clay Aiken. Entertainment Weekly reports that the singer-turned-politician (he ran for office back in 2014) denounced his past defense of the sitting president.
In a tweet posted earlier today, Aiken recalled the incidents where he stated that the president was not racist. Having spent some quality time with Trump during his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2012 (he ended up being runner-up), Aiken seemed to have some insider info on Trump, but it seems that he's changed his mind entirely.
"Remember all those times I defended @realDonaldTrump and believed he was not actually racist? Well…I am a f*****g dumb—. #im sorry," his tweet read, censoring included.
He was quick to explain that although he said that Trump was not racist, he was never a supporter. During his run for congress, Aiken ran as a Democrat.
Aiken made his original statements back in 2016 during an appearance on Fox Business. "I don't think he's fascist. I don't think he's a racist," he said. "I like him as a person. I always say, he's kind of like the uncle who gets drunk at the wedding and embarrasses you. You still love him, but you wish he'd shut up."
He drove his views home on Twitter, clapping back at other users who accused him of supporting Trump during the election and waffling on his political views. Aiken explained that he actually urged people to vote for Hillary Clinton and added, "TBC...I've always thought he would be a dumpster fire as a president, and I was right about that. I just didn't think he was racist."
Trump may have backed up on his "both sides" comment, but it's clear Aiken isn't having it. He chose his side before the election and he's sticking with it.
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