This 10th Anniversary Kardashian Tell-All Is Missing Something...

Photo: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.
Whether you like it or not, the past ten years of our lives well and truly belong to the Kardashians. The family went from reality stars to a full-on dynasty, in charge of a franchise that's spanned nine TV shows, a couple of fashion lines, and even a cosmetics brand or two. To commemorate this ten year milestone, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with the family to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on just how their lives have transformed over the past decade — with one notable absence. While the women of the family are often the ones front-and-center, Rob Kardashian, the 30-year-old, has made a name for himself not just through his appearances on the show, but with his own spinoff, Rob & Chyna, with ex Blac Chyna. However, he barely appears in this profile. In fact, he's mentioned only once when the author lists the members of the "happily debauched family" as "Rob, 30."
I couldn't believe this was the case, but after doing command + f for "rob" in the whole profile, aside from his initial introduction, the only results were the words "improbable," "Robert Kardashian" (senior), "Robin Anton" (a family friend), "probably," "probably," "robbed at gunpoint," "robbed in Paris," "probably" again, and "problems."
It seems odd not to mention him or his role in the family essentially at all over the past ten years, but perhaps it has something to do with his most recent scandal. The reality star took to Instagram (and then Twitter) to post nude photos of ex Blac Chyna without her consent in response to her being with another man. Chyna also later accused Rob of punching her in court documents obtained by People. Chyna was later granted a restraining order.
Ever since, Rob has been laying low, which could explain his absence from the profile — but that doesn't mean it's not glaringly obvious to all those who read it:
"So Caitlyn Jenner declined to be interviewed for the article but no explanation for Rob Kardashian's absence," wrote someone on Twitter.
"And none for Rob Kardashian, bye," wrote another.
The plot thickens.

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