Trader Joe's Just Shared Its Top 50 (Plus) Products In Honor Of Its 50th Anniversary

If Trader Joe's didn't exist customers' lives would be completely devoid of colorful boxes of Joe-Joe's, cult-fave jars of Cookie Butter, or affordable blocks of Unexpected Cheddar Cheese. But the reality is, such a time BTJ (before Trader Joe's) wasn't actually that long ago; The company is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this very month. Before August of 1967, our go-to for cheap grocery goods had yet to ever exist — and Everything Pretzel Slims were just a twinkle in our mothers' eyes.
Although 50 years doesn't amount to that much in the grand scheme of things (a.k.a. history) — when the number of years are counted in TJ's products, it comes out to one heck of a lot in good eats. We have trouble keeping track of our favorites from the past few years — or even our favorites for a single party occasion — let alone an entire 50 year's worth.
Imagining half a century of TJ’s next level nosh options? Now that’s something we'd like to see. And thanks to the grocery mega chain, we don’t even have to put our imaginations to use. Because in order to properly celebrate this momentous birthday occasion, in true Trader Joe's style, the company worked with customers and crew to compile and curate a list of 50 plus product favorites from across the decades.
Whether you're looking for dinner inspiration, wanting to take a trip down TJ's memory lane, or you're new to the chain completely, the ahead goods have you covered — including savory snacks, delicious sweets, fresh produce, frozen dish masterpieces, and even a bottle of good $4.99 wine.

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