The Action Movie Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

It’s August, and we’re heading into the twilight hours of summer blockbuster season. Looking back on this summer’s runaway hits and critical slams, we can say that the summer of 2017 rewarded originality — as with Baby Driver and The Big Sick — and wasn’t as kind on efforts to bring obscure monsters back to life (The Mummy).
But the real winning trend of summer 2017? The sheer number of brave, bold, and completely ass-kicking women action heroes featured in film. This was the summer of Wonder Woman proving that not only could women superheroes win world wars, movies about women superheroes could be the top-grossing films of the summer.
Aside from Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), the summer offered a slew of other beyond impressive women action stars. Charlize Theron’s spy choreography in Atomic Blonde has been etched into our minds. We’re still recovering from Katherine Waterston’s attempts to dodge a slithering xenomoprh in Alien: Covenant.
Here’s to the summer of Wonder Woman and her kindred.
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