You Don't Need Fancy Glasses To See The Eclipse With This NASA-Approved Hack

Photo: SSPL/Getty Images.
Sun-worshipping astro nerds have been planning for the impending eclipse for months now: Campsites are booked and hotels in the full eclipse's 14-state path (other states will be treated to a partial eclipse) have basically zero vacancies left. You can bet that those folks all have special eclipse-approved glasses to take in every sweet, sweet moment, but according to NASA, those shades may be unnecessary, because you don't need them to see the full eclipse on August 21.
Mashable reports that NASA just posted a video with instructions on how to craft a pinhole projector. Those special glasses may look cool, but for anyone in a bind or feeling crafty, all it takes to put together the projector is an old cereal box, aluminum foil, paper, tape, and scissors.
While it's sometimes called a pinhole camera or camera obscura, the simple device is more like a primitive projector. Not only is NASA's projector a safe way to check out the eclipse, it's easy to put together, too. It makes for a pretty satisfying craft project that'll have you feeling like Martha Stewart and Patrick Stewart all at once.
First, trace a piece of paper to line the bottom of the box. Slide it in and attach it before sealing up the cereal box and cutting off the two top corners. From just cover one of those open corners with foil and poke a hole in it. All you have to do is stand with the sun to your back and the eclipse will get projected into the box, ready for viewing from the open hole.
Of course, NASA says not to look directly at the sun, eclipse or not, so this DIY option allows for a projection of the event to appear inside. For anyone who isn't into the DIY route, NASA will be offering up a livestream of the event, so viewers can enjoy it all from the comfort of their couches.
The only thing missing? A box of Krispy Kreme's limited-edition eclipse donuts. With snacks and hacks all set, all you need to do is wait for the main event.
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