The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Tom Holland Mispronouncing "Croissant"

Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock/REX.
Before he was the new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland was an internet meme that just wouldn't quit.
According to Time, the actor's pronunciation of croissant — which surfaced way back when he was promoting In The Heart of the Sea — still comes up when he meets fans. And since the guy probably spent most of his waking hours promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming recently, there's no doubt that the croissant fiasco of 2015 came up a lot.
"I am a walking meme! My fans were like, 'Tom Holland can't say 'croissant.' He says 'quackson,'" Holland told BBC1 of his culinary meme. "And every fan I meet, they take a video and they're like, 'Hey man, can you say quackson?'"
How did it come up at all? Like his co-star Chris Hemsworth, Holland had to undergo a major transformation to play a shipwrecked character in the film, so he told reporters that he gave up sugar before filming. When the production was over, he finally indulged and chowed down on a croissant. Only when he said it, his accent combined with the pastry's French name made it come out "quackson." It's unclear whether he was trying to say croissant with a French accent or if it was a one-time slip of the tongue, but the moment's been immortalized in a YouTube video.
Like the real-life flaky pastry, fans can't get enough. However, the actor's completely over it. Unsurprisingly, he'd like the world to get over it and move on to fresher, perhaps danker, memes.
"The quackson joke is outdone," he added. "Let's find a new one."
The quackson rediscovery of 2017 may fade, but fans can be sure that when Holland's out promoting his next project, it'll come around again. After all, memes, like Spider-Man himself, tend to stick around.
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