Let Channing Tatum Dancing At A Gas Station Take You Into Friday

Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock/REX.
A lack of caffeine can make you do a lot of strange things. But for one Channing Tatum, a pit stop for fuel ended up in an impromptu Magic Mike-inspired performance.
Us Weekly reports that Beatrice, an employee at a North Carolina Sunoco gas station and convenience store, got a one-man show from the actor.
Tatum's team documented the entire situation for Facebook. In what was supposed to be a quick stop for iced coffee, Tatum strikes up a pretty sweet conversation with Beatrice. The two get so chummy, in fact, that Tatum gets behind the counter to chat her up and joke with other customers. When Beatrice asks one of them if he can identify Tatum, the actor responds, "I'm the manager."
But where do the dance moves come in? When the music starts, naturally. "We're gonna party, just me and you," Beatrice says.
"We can just start the party right now in the store," Tatum responds before the music magically gets louder. It's enough to make viewers think that this may have been premeditated, but that doesn't matter when he starts pulling moves out of his Magic Mike repertoire.
It wasn't exactly a move-for-move reenactment of the Las Vegas live show that Tatum recently launched, but Beatrice was loving every minute. Tatum pulled off his signature body rolls, hip thrusts, and even brought in a rolling chair for some extra over-the-top flourishes (Beatrice got in on the routine for a bit, too). While his clothes stayed on, he definitely pulled off giving Beatrice a story to tell her coworkers.
"Nothin better than a little dance party," Tatum captioned the video. "Thank you, Beatrice."
We think that she'd thank him right back, because we're all thanking the actor for giving us a little something to usher in the weekend.
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