Lancôme Got A Fall Makeover — & It's Cuter Than Ever

For a company that's spent the last 82 years packaging its quality makeup in sleek, black-and-gold casing, Lancôme’s fall collection is a huge departure. When we first saw the whimsical lineup of products — with quirky illustrations and 3D elements — we thought we'd walked into the wrong press event.
Created in collaboration with irreverent French fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, who’s best known for her highly coveted minaudière handbags inspired by classic literature, the limited-edition fall line seems like a surprisingly offbeat choice for the timeless beauty brand. Perhaps the coolest part of the whole launch is that, rather than just create new products or put her name on ones that already exist, Le-Tan dug deep into the Lancôme archives and modernized shades from decades past — including an orange-red lip color from 1980 named Olympia.
The full lineup — which will be sold exclusively at Bloomingdales — includes two classic L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks (engraved with an imprint of lips and the signature “Olympia xxx”), two brand-new Artliners, three Matte Shakers, and four nail polishes, plus a clear topcoat packed with gold stars. But the real standout is La Palette D’Olympia, a lip, cheek, and eye palette that comes complete with an embroidered cotton cover, just like one of Le-Tan’s iconic purses — but it's less than one-tenth of the price.
Of course, this is Lancôme we’re talking about, so there’s no question of whether or not the aesthetically-pleasing products will actually be any good. The only question is the one you should be asking yourself, which is if the palette is too pretty to actually use. Fortunately, you have until August 21, when the products launch, to decide — and in the meantime, click ahead to see everything from the line.
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